The PC website receives two of the most anticipated functions for years

The PC website receives two of the most anticipated functions for years

The YouTube homepage on computers and tablets has just received a design change that, without being groundbreaking, helps visibility of content and causes long titles not to be cut . What they have done in that sense is simple.

If before in 'Recommended' the previews of the videos were small regardless of the screen size, now the frames of the videos grow . This means that the space is distributed better, the previews are larger and the subject of each video can be better identified, as the titles show more characters than before, as we said.

Say goodbye to recommendations of channels that you don't interest, add to the queue and change its order

In addition to the aesthetic change, which has been minor, YouTube today brings to its desktop website two of the functions that I have missed as a user since I use the service and recommendations are offered.

In that sense, the first new feature to highlight (mobile was already available) is the possibility to click on the settings of the recommendations in the individual videos and select " Do not recommend channel ". In this way, YouTube will know that we are not interested in this channel from that moment on, and will not show it again in this section.

Yes, will continue to appear in 'Trends' and in search results. Personally, I would like there to be an option to be able to remove it from the search as well, because there are poor quality channels when you are looking for certain content that always comes out and it is impossible to stop watching them.

The second new feature that arrives, and that probably it is the one that many users have waited for even longer is to be able to add videos to a play queue . That is, not to a thematic playlist, but where to choose which videos to watch after the user is currently watching that one, as it works in Spotify, for example. YouTube allows you to add to the queue and then manage the order in which the videos already added are played.

Additionally, YouTube communicates that "soon" will allow you to select themes that offer a certain capacity for customization just as you are already doing in the Android application.



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