Soundtrap for Storytellers, the podcast creation tool from Spotify is now able to transcribe in Spanish

Soundtrap for Storytellers, the podcast creation tool from Spotify is now able to transcribe in Spanish

In mid-2019 Spotify launched its new collaborative cloud production suite named " Soundtrap for Storytellers ". Its objective: make editing a podcast as simple as using Google Docs thanks to the editing of the audio tracks as if they were a document of

Now Spotify has announced the launch of its transcription service in Spanish French, German, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Swedish. That is, what you record in your language will be automatically transcribed to text to facilitate editing.

Spotify wants to offer you all the tools you need to upload your podcasts to your platform easily

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Soundtrap includes a series of creation tools for podcasters that integrate recording, simultaneous interviews with video-chat, transcription and voice editing as a text document, full audio production, publication of the transcript to optimize SEO and podcast publication on Spotify.

Its most interesting function, that is, the transcription, was only available in English, but in a few months the company has managed to extend its availability to more lenguajes. In theory, with Soundtrap you save the process of voice transcription via keyboard and having to listen to the podcast again and again .

Spotify says that its transcription tool and its editing studio They have been extremely popular among users for the time it saves them. And considering the big bet that Spotify is making for podcasts on its platform, Soundtrap has become a way to attract more creators.

You can access all the functions of the service through your computer, and also a select set of features with recording and editing capabilities on iOS and Android. The price of ‘ Soundtrap for Storytellers ’ is € € 14.98 per month and has an annual plan offering a price of € 11.99 per month . You can start using it in Spanish.


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