Julian Edelman didn’t speak to his dad for 81 days amid PED fallout

Julian Edelman didn’t speak to his dad for 81 days amid PED fallout

The fallout from Julian Edelman’s 2018 suspension for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drugs policy hit home for the Patriots receiver.

Edelman, who was banned from the first four games of the regular season after missing the previous year due to an ACL injury, revealed the situation created tension between him and his father Frank.

“Me and my dad talk every day,” this year’s Super Bowl MVP said in the documentary “100 %: Julian Edelman,” per Boston.com. “And after that, we didn’t talk for a while.”

Edelman didn’t speak to Frank for 81 days.

“Frank was very upset,” Angie, Edelman’s mother, said. “Jules didn’t want his dad a part of this process. He was handling it with his attorneys, and my husband doesn’t understand that sometimes.”

The documentary, which premiered Friday on Showtime, also delved into Edelman’s childhood under Frank’s watch.

“I was terrified of him,” Edelman shared. “Everyone was.”

Tom Brady’s top target also revealed some of Frank’s football training methods, which included running drills blindfolded and catching six balls at once.

“Looking back, that’s a lot,” Edelman said. “But I wouldn’t be where I’m at without it, so I appreciate the push.”




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