Disney + will arrive in Spain on March 31, 2020

Disney + will arrive in Spain on March 31, 2020

Disney just made official that Disney + will arrive in Spain on March 31, 2020 . On that date the service will also arrive in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy, which will be added to the Netherlands, where it debuts within five days, and where operational tests have already been conducted.

In these tests, the The public has already been able to do free trials, and the quality of service has been satisfactory. In any case, the most interesting thing about the Dutch case is that we have already been able to know the price of Disney + in a European country: 6.99 euros . Disney has not confirmed that it will launch at that price in other countries, but it would make sense to do so.

Spain returns to be a priority for another great platform of streaming

For years and years , Spain was not a priority market for the companies behind the big streaming platforms. And yet, since the late arrival of Netflix it is one of the few markets in which HBO serves. In that sense, as part of this trend, Spain will be among the top seven countries worldwide to have the Disney catalog .

A catalog that, by the way, according to Disney may vary by territory so we don't know yet what to expect, although possibly original series like ' The Mandalorian 'They will be insured.

There is also no official confirmation of whether the series will be dubbed in Spanish to the service when they are released within five days in the United States and the Netherlands, but some rumors suggest that it will be like this.

On confirmed devices, we know it will reach Apple devices, including iOS, iPadOS and tvOS, from Google, Android, Android TV and Chromecast, and Xbox One and PS4 . In addition, it has finally been confirmed that Amazon Fire TVs will feature the Disney + app from November 12. It should be added that applications for Roku, Apple TV and consoles will not be released .



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